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Create the Perfect Marketing Plan

The SOSTAC(R) planning model can be easily used to support the creation of a perfect marketing plan to support business growth.

Created by PR Smith, SOSTAC(R) is a widely used marketing planning model that stands for:

S - Situation analysis

O - Objectives

S - Strategy

T - Tactics

A - Actions

C - Control (or evaluation)

SOSTAC(R) is a useful framework for creating a comprehensive and structured marketing plan. The six elements of SOSTAC(R) help marketers to break down their marketing plan into manageable parts, ensuring that all the key elements of a successful marketing plan are covered.

  1. Situation Analysis: In this stage, you analyse your current market situation, including your target audience, competitors, market trends, and your own strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Objectives: In this stage, you set clear and measurable marketing objectives that align with your overall business goals.

  3. Strategy: In this stage, you develop a high-level plan for how you will achieve your marketing objectives, including the target audience, positioning, and value proposition.

  4. Tactics: In this stage, you outline the specific tactics and activities you will use to implement your marketing strategy, such as advertising, events, content marketing, and public relations.

  5. Actions: In this stage, you create a detailed plan of action, including who will be responsible for each task, the budget, and the timeline.

  6. Control (or Evaluation): In this stage, you put in place systems to monitor and measure the success of your marketing plan and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that you achieve your marketing objectives.

SOSTAC(R) provides a clear and concise framework that can help ensure that all the key elements of a successful marketing plan are covered, making it a popular tool among marketers and businesses.

Lydia McClelland is a SOSTAC(R) Accredited Practitioner and is also licenced to train individuals and companies on SOSTAC(R). Reach out today for a discovery call to see how we can empower you and your teams to create the perfect marketing plan.



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